Fast Lane Population Growth – Good Market

Internet Telecommunication Union estimates that there will be more than 2 billion Internet user by the end of 2010.

Current world population, as estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau, is above 6.8 billion. And that means about 30% of world population will be actively online by the end of this year.

Give or take, there’ll be around 226 million new Internet users in 2010, and more than half will come from developing countries, but those developing countries still have a lot to go, despite the fast growth of Internet users there.

Estimations stated that around 71% of developing countries population will be online, compare this number to only 21% of developed countries population goes online. Regionally speaking, Europe has 65% population goes online, 55% Americas population online, Asia-Pacific has 21,9% online of their population, while only 9,6% population is online in Africa.

United Nation’s agency for information and communication, the ITU, sees that broadband and public internet access are the most important factors that can drive growth in developing countries. ITU Secretary-General, Harmadoun Toure said, “Broadband is the nest tipping point, the next truly transformational technology. It can generate jobs, drive growth and productivity and underpin long-term economic competitiveness”.
(Original article by: Stan Schroeder on Mashable)

The illustration above clearly showed us, how good is Internet market nowadays. High population would mean high currency traffic too. So, keep blogging guys.


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