3 Online Marketing Strategies that will get you noticed, make you money, and help you dodge the flying bullets


I loved Wonder Woman growing up! The way she dodged bullets with her heavy metal bracelets and the way she used her magical golden lasso to get the truth out of people. Building a business on the internet you have to know how to stay out of the way of flying bullets if you want to avoid ending up broke and confused. Today, I want to share 3 online marketing strategies that will get you noticed, make you money and help you dodge the flying bullets so you stay focused.

Getting Noticed

With all the noise out there on the internet it can be hard to imagine that anyone can hear anything but the thing is they can. You will understand this if you have ever had to shut off the noise from a crowd – people will be busy talking and around making noise but you manage to “tune it out” maybe even switch it off completely but suddenly someone will say something worth listening to and it catches your attention. In there amongst the noise you are able to tune into this one person and listen to what they are saying. Have you ever had that experience? It happens if you have children too – you learn to tune them out but a slight change in noise level or if something doesn’t sound right and you can tune straight back in.

Well that is exactly how it is online. People will tune in to the message they want to hear and block everything else out – the trick is to get noticed enough so they choose you as the person to tune

We all know that content is king and that content that provides information and shares something that other people think is worth telling their friends about is what you want to create. That content could be written on your blog, spoken on audio or delivered in person via video – the format of the content isn’t important but the message is and getting it to hook people in is now your only goal.

To get noticed online you need to attract people to you because you:

  • Entertain
  • Educate
  • Inform

Taking time to do one of the three or even all three of them will help you get noticed and begin to build trust. Being different, playing with words, telling stories – all these classic marketing strategies work well online and we are able to share them with a much larger audience thanks to blogs, video and social networks.

Making Money Online

It is a sad statistic that says over 90% of people who are currently trying to make money online never actual manage to make it happen. Why? Well it could be because they spend too much time dodging flying bullets (see below) or it could be because they are having trouble getting noticed above all the noise in their niche.

The whole system to making money online is actually very simple. You find a group of people who all want something desperately and you become the answer to their prayers. So if I want to lose weight you provide me with the solution, if I want my dog to stop chewing my shoes you have the answer and if I want to bring in more clients to my massage business you can show me how to do that.

Just find a group of people who want something – but this is where people go wrong – they don’t bother to research first to find out what people want and they rush out and put up their website believing they KNOW what people want. You need to do your research, and even after you research you need to know how to get noticed so that people choose you over the next guy or gal. Then you start to make money.

Let anyone tell you it is more complicated than that and rest assured that they have some $997 product they want you to buy that will teach you a bunch of stuff you don’t need to know.

From the dawn of my internet career my mentors (Mark Victor Hansen being my main one) taught me the same thing – find a pond of hungry fish and feed them!

Dodge The Flying Bullets

Okay confess. How many online marketing “gurus” do you listen to at any one time? It was an obsession I had when I started out and I just couldn’t tune them out for fear of me missing out on the next best thing.

Moving from one opportunity to another, believing there is one product after another that will help you make it online or simply reading all the different opinions from different people on how you can make the internet work will drive you crazy. It will keep your inbox full and may even make you feel important but ultimately it will strip you of any chance you might have to build a successful online business.

If your inbox does suffer from guruitis it is time to rid yourself of the disease by deleting as many of those offending emails as you can. Focus on who you get the most value from – how they help and what they provide. If you can’t answer those questions about one of the gurus you hear from then you won’t be missing much if you unsubscribe from their list.

So there you have it 3 Online Marketing Strategies that will get you noticed, make you money and help you dodge the flying bullets. Smart online marketers understand the importance of quality in their information, building trust and being creatively different in order to get noticed. If you just want to sell a bunch of affiliate products then go off and find your pond of hungry fish and feed them. If getting noticed as someone who knows stuff worth listening to is your ultimate goal then be prepared to do some work on your content and take your time.

Building your reputation is a little like rolling a snowball down hill – its starts slowly and as the speed picks up it grows bigger and bigger. Just one viral video or one article that is liked and shared by thousands is all you need to suddenly catapult you into the limelight of your target market and when that happens your whole world changes.


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